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Saturday, 12 May 2018

How to install android files in SD Card

Choose to install all your Android files to SD card help increase your Android speed in carrying out task.
This tutorials is base on Android running on version 7 Nougat operating system. I may talk about other versions later. For now let's focus on Android version 7 nougat.


There is many reasons why one may or have to install his android files into SD Card straight away instead of the phone internal memory.
  • when your phone memory is low: like we learnt in this article, I told you how low memory phone can speed if you don't have enough memory.
  • When you have low RAM: you will have to install your files into an SD card when your RAM low, in order to increase your phone speed.
  • when your external memory is larger than the enternal memory. Etc
Now if you have problem installing your Android files into and SD card for those using android version 7 nougat, in this article we shall resolved the issue absolutely with these step-by-step guide bellow.

How to install android files to SD card directly in android 7 nougat.

But before you proceed to the final steps bear in mind, that this method will erase or formate all the data on the SD card. You won’t be able to take it out on another device, unless you erase all of its data.
To do that, first insert your SD card to your phone and go to the “ Android Settings ” on your phone then tap on “ Storage“.
Now the next step is to , select your SD card, it can also be called “ External storage“. So incase you don't find SD card, tap external storage, they are the same.
After selecting the external storage, At the top right corner of your Android screen, tap on “ Storage Settings“.
Then tap on “ Format as Internal“. In the storage setting menu.
Finally, tap on “ Erase and Format “, all the data on the SD card will be erased and a confirmation message will tell you that you have successfully set your SD card for download. Now you are done . Any new apps downloaded will be installed in the SD card instead of phone memory.

Warning ⚠: Do not remove the memory card or SD card from the phone. All installed files on it will be gone until you insert it back.
If you find this article helpful, kindly share with me your experience or ask me questions. Before you exit this page, check out How to increase computer speed

Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to increase your computer speed

PCs are intense machines that are modified to play out various tasks flawlessly. Sometimes They become boring when the speed to carry our those tasks which they meant slows down. There are many factors that slows down your computer speed. But in this article I'm going to talk about your computer system space and the Ram. I will show you top 5 stuff that drains up your computer system space, and The Ram which leads to the low speed of your computer.


I will Start by talking about 5 things that takes up large space in your computer system which includes (Old & Obsolete files, windows.old folder, The recycle bin, Temporary files and lastly the duplicate files). I will also tell you how to deal with this. Both manually and some applications that can do it for you automatically. And finally we will talk about the RAM.

5 things to clean to increase your computer speed.

Like I earlier mentioned, there are lots of factors that can hinder your computer system speed. Some of this factors includes low disk space, Low RAM, computers with low specs etc. Now I'm going to start with the disk space and how it slow down the speed of your computer.

There could be various undesirable documents, applications and different things that possess important space on your computer, here we have talked about best 5 of them. It will enable you to know the significant reasons of over involved circle space. Further, you can likewise find a way to manage this issue.

1: Obsolete or disuse Files: obsolete files can consum unexpected space in your computer system which can slow down it's speed. This includes the apps, games and other files you don't use again. Some of them may include the pre-installed apps which you rarely use. Getting ride of them will help increase your PC speed.

How to uninstall obsolete files in your computer system?

To uninstall disused programs in your computer system is not difficult task to perform.

For windows XP and windows 7 users, Go to windows menu > control panel > scroll down and click uninstall programs . You will see all installed programs in your computer system. Right click each of the obsolete programs and then select uninstall from the option menu.

If you use windows 8,10 This is how to remove your unwanted programs.

From start menu> settings >systems >Apps & Features.

Go to start menu> or hit the windows button on your computer keyboard then click on Settings > then click systems> from the left pane of the pop up screen click on Apps & Features> there you will see list of all installed programs. Select each of the obsolete programs you want to uninstall then click on the uninstall button to get it removed from the system. If the uninstall button appears as gray color, then it means the program is a system file and can't be removed. Removing this files will increase your disk space and the same time the speed of your computer.

2. The Recycle Bin: The recycle bin is one of the useful options provided for all PC users. It is very useful because it stores all your deleted files Which enables you to restore if you need those files again. Same time it's slows down your computer speed especially when it contains large sized files. Deleting some of those files that you don't want to use again permanently ,will release some space for your computer system thus speed up the computer to easily perform tasks. Most of computers always have the recycle bin in the Desktop menu but if in any case you can't find it there, kindly hit the windows button on your computer keyboard which open the start menu. Type and search for recycle bin then click to open it. Click the larger files and delete them permanently to free up space for your computer to speed up.

3. Duplicate files: This is another set of files that consumes your disk space like mad. This is when you have copy of same file many times in your computer system. Getting ride of the duplicate files will speed up your computer. To do this manually, it can be time consuming. But if you can give the time, go ahead or use some programs that will do that for you automatically. You can check out Here to download for free and get the job done easily. Or do google search here.

4. The windows.old folder: this folder occures when you install New windows or when you upgrade from one version of windows to another. This folder contains all files of your old windows. It store them for limited time incase you want to go back to them. By default this folder will automatically delete after 10 days. It can occupy many GBs of Your system Disk space. You can delete this to increase your computer speed.

5. Temporary files: you can recover some storage space when you delete Temporary files created by your browsers, your system during unsuccessful shut down etc.

Your computer system can contain lots of necessary and unnecessary files. Deleting the unnecessary files will stop them from accumulating your disk space and thus increase the speed of the computer. Learn to always clean up the unnecessary files regularly and see how Your computer storage will be free.

finally let's talk about the computer RAM . RAM simply means Random access memory . If your computer ram is low you will experience low speed of your computer. To avoid or control this in low RAM computers, stop performing multiple task at the same time. If you have low RAM system do not give it what it can't carry in order to increase the rate at which it perform.

If you this article How To increase computer speed is helpful kindly share with your friends and family before you go, check out this article on how to remove pre-installed android apps without rooting your Android device. And incase you want to make money online, check out how to create free blog with blogger Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

How to remove pre-installed android apps without root

some of the Pre-installed android apps can affect your Android phone negatively while some in the same can be positive. Some are useful while some are just there taken down your Android phone speed, drain your battery etc. In this article I will show you how to get ride of those pre-installed applications in your device without you having to root your phone. This will help you to free up space For others stuff like games, other apps, music, pictures etc.

Content overview:

I will start by telling you what pre-installed apps is. how they can affect your device negatively by way of slowing down your Android device speed and how they drain off your battery. Why you should choose to remove them And finally how to get ride off them safely without rooting your Android device.

What are pre-installed android apps?

Now let me start by telling you what pre-installed apps in android phones means. I know there are bunch of articles in the internet this days on how to remove or uninstall pre-installed apps in your Android phone but many of their explained method are to root your device which will give you access to do that. But in my own case I don't advice anyone to root their android device for any reason because it's illegal in some countries and again it can cause damages to your phone if not done properly. I rooted one of my Samsung device I experienced lots shit including hanging which made me to unroot it. Though rooting gives lots enjoyable options if properly done with the right Android device. If you Have been searching for a unique method to expel the pre-intalled or bloatware applications on your Android gadget. Here you ll see how to do that without going against your phone manufacturer policy by rooting your device. I will provide the basic well ordered guide on the best way to remove them safely. Now let's see what they are about. Pre-intalled applications are the applications that comes Installed on your Android gadget when purchased. You will see them the very first time you put ON your phone after purchase. Many of them consumes Lots of space in your Android phone. This can prevent you from installing new apps, games and other necessary stuff you might want to install. Some are needlessly wordy. If you are tecno or Samsung fan like me you will understand what I mean better. But the worst of it all is that They can't be erased By default like other apps which you install By your self. because they are being installed by the company that nanufacture the phone. This companies don't give their clients the consent to Uninstall them but in a away, you can remove them. Like I said earlier, it can easily be done too and even remove the pre-installed apps completely from your phone but I don't advice it. Kindly follow bellow process to get this done easily too.

How to remove pre-installed android apps without rooting your phone

Before you proceed, you must be careful because some pre-installed apps can be perilous to your telephone So before you remove any of them be sure to know what it is. Don't delete the important ones like phone, contact etc as they can prevent you to make calls and other related. Some might be the application that holds some of your telephone's highlights Or important features so be careful. Now to remove pre-installed android apps without root, go to your phone settings > then Application manager > Tap on each Of the ones you want to remove one after the other in the next screen tap on Disable. If you check out your phone you will see that the app is removed from your device. Note: This doesn't uninstall the app like the root method will do. But it is in the same way free up your phone memory and give you space to install other apps, games etc. Benevolently give it a try and in the event that it works for you, sympathetically share your experience via the comments section!.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How I finally Restore all My Erased contact

HI friends today let me teach you how to Restore back your erased or delete contact if you mistakenly loss any of it ,but first of all you have to make sure you are using a Google contacts

Recently just a day before yesterday being the Christmas day, in that very morning I picked up my handset to do some calls at least to wish some of my friends Happy Christmas Day and to my greatest surprise ever, launching the contact application in my phone as usual imidiatly realized that I had just around 10 contacts left in my handset let well enough alone for the hundreds of contact I have had in my telephone directory.

As yet Attempting to comprehend exactly what was happening to my Android handset , I quickly rushed out to checked my other android to my greatest surprise again then I saw a similar thing All of my contacts were no more and no were to be found The main five remaining contact I saw in my phone then were just the few contacts i saved in my iCloud account.

It then unfolded on my that the Android telephone I offered out to somebody ,a very good friend to me the earlier day still had my Google account in it and then that my friend had proceeded to erase each contact in it.

And Since my Android device and the iOS gadgets all utilizes Google contacts, so erasing or including any new contacts with one telephone is naturally synchronized crosswise over the other different gadgets which is very useful and vey important for everyone.

Now let's look at How I finally got back the already erased contacts

Using Google contacts to install your contact is very useful because The fortunate thing about utilizing Google contacts is that you can simply reestablish or get back your erased contacts anytime.

1. First of all, you have to Go to via your phone or or PC browsers, any browser of your choice

2. Then take a very close look On the left sidebar on your device screen , then that's not all yet, kindly tap on More,you get to see another pop-up, then finally tap on Restore contact

3. Note once you tap on Restore contact The new popup window will gives you diverse Restore or reestablish choices or options, and the next thing to do is to Pick out any of the given options that do suits your need and the finally tap the Restore catch or button . and you will see all your contact restored as shown on bellow pictures

Then once your contact contacts are reestablished you can then Synchronize your gadget or devices with Google Contacts and they ought to naturally show up in the device or gadget.
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