Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to increase your computer speed

PCs are intense machines that are modified to play out various tasks flawlessly. Sometimes They become boring when the speed to carry our those tasks which they meant slows down. There are many factors that slows down your computer speed. But in this article I'm going to talk about your computer system space and the Ram. I will show you top 5 stuff that drains up your computer system space, and The Ram which leads to the low speed of your computer.


I will Start by talking about 5 things that takes up large space in your computer system which includes (Old & Obsolete files, windows.old folder, The recycle bin, Temporary files and lastly the duplicate files). I will also tell you how to deal with this. Both manually and some applications that can do it for you automatically. And finally we will talk about the RAM.

5 things to clean to increase your computer speed.

Like I earlier mentioned, there are lots of factors that can hinder your computer system speed. Some of this factors includes low disk space, Low RAM, computers with low specs etc. Now I'm going to start with the disk space and how it slow down the speed of your computer.

There could be various undesirable documents, applications and different things that possess important space on your computer, here we have talked about best 5 of them. It will enable you to know the significant reasons of over involved circle space. Further, you can likewise find a way to manage this issue.

1: Obsolete or disuse Files: obsolete files can consum unexpected space in your computer system which can slow down it's speed. This includes the apps, games and other files you don't use again. Some of them may include the pre-installed apps which you rarely use. Getting ride of them will help increase your PC speed.

How to uninstall obsolete files in your computer system?

To uninstall disused programs in your computer system is not difficult task to perform.

For windows XP and windows 7 users, Go to windows menu > control panel > scroll down and click uninstall programs . You will see all installed programs in your computer system. Right click each of the obsolete programs and then select uninstall from the option menu.

If you use windows 8,10 This is how to remove your unwanted programs.

From start menu> settings >systems >Apps & Features.

Go to start menu> or hit the windows button on your computer keyboard then click on Settings > then click systems> from the left pane of the pop up screen click on Apps & Features> there you will see list of all installed programs. Select each of the obsolete programs you want to uninstall then click on the uninstall button to get it removed from the system. If the uninstall button appears as gray color, then it means the program is a system file and can't be removed. Removing this files will increase your disk space and the same time the speed of your computer.

2. The Recycle Bin: The recycle bin is one of the useful options provided for all PC users. It is very useful because it stores all your deleted files Which enables you to restore if you need those files again. Same time it's slows down your computer speed especially when it contains large sized files. Deleting some of those files that you don't want to use again permanently ,will release some space for your computer system thus speed up the computer to easily perform tasks. Most of computers always have the recycle bin in the Desktop menu but if in any case you can't find it there, kindly hit the windows button on your computer keyboard which open the start menu. Type and search for recycle bin then click to open it. Click the larger files and delete them permanently to free up space for your computer to speed up.

3. Duplicate files: This is another set of files that consumes your disk space like mad. This is when you have copy of same file many times in your computer system. Getting ride of the duplicate files will speed up your computer. To do this manually, it can be time consuming. But if you can give the time, go ahead or use some programs that will do that for you automatically. You can check out Here to download for free and get the job done easily. Or do google search here.

4. The windows.old folder: this folder occures when you install New windows or when you upgrade from one version of windows to another. This folder contains all files of your old windows. It store them for limited time incase you want to go back to them. By default this folder will automatically delete after 10 days. It can occupy many GBs of Your system Disk space. You can delete this to increase your computer speed.

5. Temporary files: you can recover some storage space when you delete Temporary files created by your browsers, your system during unsuccessful shut down etc.

Your computer system can contain lots of necessary and unnecessary files. Deleting the unnecessary files will stop them from accumulating your disk space and thus increase the speed of the computer. Learn to always clean up the unnecessary files regularly and see how Your computer storage will be free.

finally let's talk about the computer RAM . RAM simply means Random access memory . If your computer ram is low you will experience low speed of your computer. To avoid or control this in low RAM computers, stop performing multiple task at the same time. If you have low RAM system do not give it what it can't carry in order to increase the rate at which it perform.

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