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Top Essential graphics design softwares

Graphic design has made this days communication more easier than the olden days. Today I am going to list some top essential softwares. that can help you to design brilliant graphics easily.

Before I go into details I am going to talk about what graphics design is all about and why you should go into or learn graphics design packages.


The term graphic design has lots of definitions, but in this article I define it as the process of visual communication using photography and illustration.

People who does this are called Graphic designers. They create and put together symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages.

Why should you learn about graphics designs

  1. It is easier to deliver messages: Visual speak louder than than writings. Instead of writing long text to deliver your messages, you simply represent with single designed graphics.

  2. Graphics can attract more than long text: when you represent your message with messages with graphics instead of text, it attract traffic more than text. Not everyone like reading text but with a nice graphics, they can easily understand what you're trying to pass unto them.

  3. it can help you create a nice web layout. In fact it is of grate advantages but I'm stopping here.

Top Essential Graphics Design Softwares

Softwares in this article and Details
Softwares Details
CorelDraw Details
Adobe Photoshop Details
Adobe Illustrator Details
Adobe Indesign Details
inkscape Details
GIMP Details

1. CorelDraw: this is a vector editor that can help you to create infinite designs without any restriction. With it, you can design anything you want in as much as you have the skills.

Presently CorelDraw is one of the most popular graphics editor which many industries utilize. The reason behind this is that, it has some cool advance functions which are very easy to use by both pros and bigginners. Among other vector editors, it is my favorite software.

What You should know

  • The interface customization is ideal. It will take you time to master it if you are novice.

  • The interface design is very fresh and cool.

  • They have some training videos which can be very helpful for biggerners.

though it has all this cool features, there's one thing I don't like about it. it doesn't have Mac version.

The Tools are very difficult to master for newbies, but once you learnt them all, you will make this software your favorite.

2. Adobe Photoshop: adobe Photoshop has made the world of photo editing very easier. This software has some automatic options which can make your photo editing ‘the talk of the town’ if you understand and have the skills. Adobe Photoshop is never hard like CorelDraw which I mentioned. even if you are a newbie you ll find it very easy to learn. You can combine multiple images and even do away with unwanted objects from the image. Unlike the previous software I mentioned, it runs on both Windows and Mac. Photoshop is is the best and considered as one of the easiest graphic design software for beginners.

What you should know:

  • With Photoshop, you can edit VideoS very smoothly.

  • It have advanced tool which are quite effective.

  • It Performance is highly improved and have a friendly interface.

3. Adobe illustrator: This is also a cool vector editor with advanced features like the first program (CorelDraw) but I ain't a fan because of the price which is too high. With it, you can create logos, sketches, typography, icons or even complex illustrations for videos. It has made artwork very easy. You can easily make nice looking web page with it own plugin very easily. It have some features like :

  • The Touch-type tool which is really awesome.

  • The Free Transform tool is very simple to use even if ain't a pro.

  • It runs on both Windows and Mac.

4. Inkscape: this is an alternative to Adobe illustrator. Though it is extremely slow in performance. It is a professional tool for vector art and graphic designers. It Works with both Windows, Linux, OS, and Mac as well. You can find this tool easy and friendly even if you are a novice. It makes it easy to create vector images for a personal blog etc. In terms of sketching, coloring or making illustrations Inkscape is very easy to use.

  • You can directly edit a source code with it.

  • You can move the screen pixels to your taste.

  • It comes with gradients editor also.

  • Fill paint-bucket with one click.

Why Do I like this tool? :

  • It is Absolutely free of charge. Unlike others, you don't need to pay for it.

  • It comes with countless Filters which makes your work easier.

5. GIMP: GIMP Image editor Program alternative to Adobe Photoshop. They both manipulate image in alike manner. This program comes with cool features which are not just ideal for graphics designers but also for photographers. The interface alone can push you to make this program your favorite publishing tool. It comes with total customizable interface and also full-screen mode which allows you to view and edit at the same time it works perfectly on GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and other OS.

6. Adobe Indesign: this is most suitable the business leader. It is good for creating clean layouts for desktop and mobile devices. You can create layouts for printed books, brochures or digital magazines.

  • You can easily combine text and graphics.

  • The learning curve is very low, ideal for newbies.

  • It comes with unbelievable features.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Why you should go for tecno camon x pro

This page contains Details, price and my personal review about the tecno camon x pro. I am going to to tell you some of the important specs about this phone why it worth using. I purchased and use it for some months before I gave it out to my Lil brother.
The Tecno Camon X Pro is the senior brother to the tecno camon x. Yes I personally called it the senior brother because if you gave have used the camon x, you won't hesitate to go for the pro then.
It also have dual SIM LTE-enabled with operating system running on the Oreo flavor of the OS skinned with HiOS.
The X Pro version looks almost identical to the X. But have a little different in color options and then in the material employed for the back design. It has a better display than the X. The display resolution is 1080 by 2160p with a pixel density of about 402 PPI while The common X resolution is 268
Now let me talk about the Performance, Hardware, Cameras of camon x pro. Though I ll still give the details bellow.
The Tecno Camon X Pro have more RAM and more internal storage than the camon x but same processor speed and ‘cores’ as the X. It has 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.
For selfies and snaps, the front-facing shooter on this device is a The x pro features 24-megapixel lens supported by a dual-LED flash for selfies and snaps taken. while the rear camera is the same 16 MP lens on the X along with the quad-LED flash.
The battery is A 3750 mAh Li-Ion. It also have Fingerprint Reader and Face Unlock.

Details, specs and price of tecno camon x pro

In Nigeria here where I stays, the online prices are lower than the offline store prices. As time of writing this post the Online Stores sales From ₦75,000.
I went to check on the Offline Stores. Some sales it from ₦76,000 , ₦78,000 etc.

Details and specs:

Network and Software

Operating SystemAndroid version 8.1 (Oreo)

Design and Display

Dimensions157.95 x 75.2 x 5.2 mm
ColorsBordeaux Red, Midnight Black
Display Size6 inches
Display TypeIPS LCD Touchscreen
Display Resolution1080 x 2160 pixels
Display Protection2.5D Glass

Performance and Hardware

Processor Name
Processor Type2.0 GHz Octa-core CPU
Internal Memory64GB
SD Card SupportYes (up to 128GB)


Front Camera24 MP (dual-LED flash)
Rear Camera16 MP (quad-LED flash)


Battery Capacity3750 mAh
Fast ChargingYes

Connectivity and Multimedia

WiFiYes (802.11 a/b/g/n)
USBmicroUSB v2.0
Music PlayerYes
Video PlayerYes
FM RadioYes
Headphone JackYes

Other Features

Fingerprint ReaderYes
ExtrasTecno HiOS, Face Unlock

Why should you go for the tecno camon x pro?
Before I conclude everything, let me tell you the most important specs why I like and recommend this phone.
The very first thing I like about this phone is the 4G network. Then the second one is the memory. Imagine 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. you can do and install much as you want without memory issues. Check out How to release your phone memory in case you are having low memory issues with your recent mobile device.

The next important specs about this phone I want to talk about is the camera.
For selfies and snaps, the front-facing shooter on this device is a 24-megapixel lens supported by a dual-LED flash . The camera here is also one of the increased feature that made X Pro different from the X . The rear camera On the camon x is 16 MP lens with the quad-LED flash. And finally the Battery which is 3750 mAh. Have you used this phone?  Share your experience with me via the comments section.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

How to install android files in SD Card

Choose to install all your Android files to SD card help increase your Android speed in carrying out task.
This tutorials is base on Android running on version 7 Nougat operating system. I may talk about other versions later. For now let's focus on Android version 7 nougat.


There is many reasons why one may or have to install his android files into SD Card straight away instead of the phone internal memory.
  • when your phone memory is low: like we learnt in this article, I told you how low memory phone can speed if you don't have enough memory.
  • When you have low RAM: you will have to install your files into an SD card when your RAM low, in order to increase your phone speed.
  • when your external memory is larger than the enternal memory. Etc
Now if you have problem installing your Android files into and SD card for those using android version 7 nougat, in this article we shall resolved the issue absolutely with these step-by-step guide bellow.

How to install android files to SD card directly in android 7 nougat.

But before you proceed to the final steps bear in mind, that this method will erase or formate all the data on the SD card. You won’t be able to take it out on another device, unless you erase all of its data.
To do that, first insert your SD card to your phone and go to the “ Android Settings ” on your phone then tap on “ Storage“.
Now the next step is to , select your SD card, it can also be called “ External storage“. So incase you don't find SD card, tap external storage, they are the same.
After selecting the external storage, At the top right corner of your Android screen, tap on “ Storage Settings“.
Then tap on “ Format as Internal“. In the storage setting menu.
Finally, tap on “ Erase and Format “, all the data on the SD card will be erased and a confirmation message will tell you that you have successfully set your SD card for download. Now you are done . Any new apps downloaded will be installed in the SD card instead of phone memory.

Warning ⚠: Do not remove the memory card or SD card from the phone. All installed files on it will be gone until you insert it back.
If you find this article helpful, kindly share with me your experience or ask me questions. Before you exit this page, check out How to increase computer speed

Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to increase your computer speed

PCs are intense machines that are modified to play out various tasks flawlessly. Sometimes They become boring when the speed to carry our those tasks which they meant slows down. There are many factors that slows down your computer speed. But in this article I'm going to talk about your computer system space and the Ram. I will show you top 5 stuff that drains up your computer system space, and The Ram which leads to the low speed of your computer.


I will Start by talking about 5 things that takes up large space in your computer system which includes (Old & Obsolete files, windows.old folder, The recycle bin, Temporary files and lastly the duplicate files). I will also tell you how to deal with this. Both manually and some applications that can do it for you automatically. And finally we will talk about the RAM.

5 things to clean to increase your computer speed.

Like I earlier mentioned, there are lots of factors that can hinder your computer system speed. Some of this factors includes low disk space, Low RAM, computers with low specs etc. Now I'm going to start with the disk space and how it slow down the speed of your computer.

There could be various undesirable documents, applications and different things that possess important space on your computer, here we have talked about best 5 of them. It will enable you to know the significant reasons of over involved circle space. Further, you can likewise find a way to manage this issue.

1: Obsolete or disuse Files: obsolete files can consum unexpected space in your computer system which can slow down it's speed. This includes the apps, games and other files you don't use again. Some of them may include the pre-installed apps which you rarely use. Getting ride of them will help increase your PC speed.

How to uninstall obsolete files in your computer system?

To uninstall disused programs in your computer system is not difficult task to perform.

For windows XP and windows 7 users, Go to windows menu > control panel > scroll down and click uninstall programs . You will see all installed programs in your computer system. Right click each of the obsolete programs and then select uninstall from the option menu.

If you use windows 8,10 This is how to remove your unwanted programs.

From start menu> settings >systems >Apps & Features.

Go to start menu> or hit the windows button on your computer keyboard then click on Settings > then click systems> from the left pane of the pop up screen click on Apps & Features> there you will see list of all installed programs. Select each of the obsolete programs you want to uninstall then click on the uninstall button to get it removed from the system. If the uninstall button appears as gray color, then it means the program is a system file and can't be removed. Removing this files will increase your disk space and the same time the speed of your computer.

2. The Recycle Bin: The recycle bin is one of the useful options provided for all PC users. It is very useful because it stores all your deleted files Which enables you to restore if you need those files again. Same time it's slows down your computer speed especially when it contains large sized files. Deleting some of those files that you don't want to use again permanently ,will release some space for your computer system thus speed up the computer to easily perform tasks. Most of computers always have the recycle bin in the Desktop menu but if in any case you can't find it there, kindly hit the windows button on your computer keyboard which open the start menu. Type and search for recycle bin then click to open it. Click the larger files and delete them permanently to free up space for your computer to speed up.

3. Duplicate files: This is another set of files that consumes your disk space like mad. This is when you have copy of same file many times in your computer system. Getting ride of the duplicate files will speed up your computer. To do this manually, it can be time consuming. But if you can give the time, go ahead or use some programs that will do that for you automatically. You can check out Here to download for free and get the job done easily. Or do google search here.

4. The windows.old folder: this folder occures when you install New windows or when you upgrade from one version of windows to another. This folder contains all files of your old windows. It store them for limited time incase you want to go back to them. By default this folder will automatically delete after 10 days. It can occupy many GBs of Your system Disk space. You can delete this to increase your computer speed.

5. Temporary files: you can recover some storage space when you delete Temporary files created by your browsers, your system during unsuccessful shut down etc.

Your computer system can contain lots of necessary and unnecessary files. Deleting the unnecessary files will stop them from accumulating your disk space and thus increase the speed of the computer. Learn to always clean up the unnecessary files regularly and see how Your computer storage will be free.

finally let's talk about the computer RAM . RAM simply means Random access memory . If your computer ram is low you will experience low speed of your computer. To avoid or control this in low RAM computers, stop performing multiple task at the same time. If you have low RAM system do not give it what it can't carry in order to increase the rate at which it perform.

If you this article How To increase computer speed is helpful kindly share with your friends and family before you go, check out this article on how to remove pre-installed android apps without rooting your Android device. And incase you want to make money online, check out how to create free blog with blogger Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

How to remove pre-installed android apps without root

some of the Pre-installed android apps can affect your Android phone negatively while some in the same can be positive. Some are useful while some are just there taken down your Android phone speed, drain your battery etc. In this article I will show you how to get ride of those pre-installed applications in your device without you having to root your phone. This will help you to free up space For others stuff like games, other apps, music, pictures etc.

Content overview:

I will start by telling you what pre-installed apps is. how they can affect your device negatively by way of slowing down your Android device speed and how they drain off your battery. Why you should choose to remove them And finally how to get ride off them safely without rooting your Android device.

What are pre-installed android apps?

Now let me start by telling you what pre-installed apps in android phones means. I know there are bunch of articles in the internet this days on how to remove or uninstall pre-installed apps in your Android phone but many of their explained method are to root your device which will give you access to do that. But in my own case I don't advice anyone to root their android device for any reason because it's illegal in some countries and again it can cause damages to your phone if not done properly. I rooted one of my Samsung device I experienced lots shit including hanging which made me to unroot it. Though rooting gives lots enjoyable options if properly done with the right Android device. If you Have been searching for a unique method to expel the pre-intalled or bloatware applications on your Android gadget. Here you ll see how to do that without going against your phone manufacturer policy by rooting your device. I will provide the basic well ordered guide on the best way to remove them safely. Now let's see what they are about. Pre-intalled applications are the applications that comes Installed on your Android gadget when purchased. You will see them the very first time you put ON your phone after purchase. Many of them consumes Lots of space in your Android phone. This can prevent you from installing new apps, games and other necessary stuff you might want to install. Some are needlessly wordy. If you are tecno or Samsung fan like me you will understand what I mean better. But the worst of it all is that They can't be erased By default like other apps which you install By your self. because they are being installed by the company that nanufacture the phone. This companies don't give their clients the consent to Uninstall them but in a away, you can remove them. Like I said earlier, it can easily be done too and even remove the pre-installed apps completely from your phone but I don't advice it. Kindly follow bellow process to get this done easily too.

How to remove pre-installed android apps without rooting your phone

Before you proceed, you must be careful because some pre-installed apps can be perilous to your telephone So before you remove any of them be sure to know what it is. Don't delete the important ones like phone, contact etc as they can prevent you to make calls and other related. Some might be the application that holds some of your telephone's highlights Or important features so be careful. Now to remove pre-installed android apps without root, go to your phone settings > then Application manager > Tap on each Of the ones you want to remove one after the other in the next screen tap on Disable. If you check out your phone you will see that the app is removed from your device. Note: This doesn't uninstall the app like the root method will do. But it is in the same way free up your phone memory and give you space to install other apps, games etc. Benevolently give it a try and in the event that it works for you, sympathetically share your experience via the comments section!.

Monday, 9 April 2018

How to create free website / blog with blogspot platform

Blogger or beta known as blogspot is the best free blogging or website hosting platform you can use to start a professional websites or with lots of advantages without having to invest a dime. In fact to create website / blog with blogger platform is good as not missing your morning meals.

Building or starting a professional website or blog with google for free of charge is one of the best advice I will give to anyone who want to own or create a website / blog without having to invest any money.

I don't actually know what brought you to this particular page about creating your professional websites. without investing any amount of money. But I assure you that you will definitely get what you want. so far as it is something related to creating websites with blogger platform. Though there are many other platform out there like Wordpress but you need to invest some little or big amount of cash before your get what you want to your taste. So today I'm gonna be showing you how to start a free blog without having to invest any money.

Note: This post is for the beginners who are looking for a way to create a free blog.

Why should you choose to create websites / blog with blogger platform. ?

I have written an article on A _ z guides on How To start a website. I explained especially on blogger a blog hosted on Google as a platform and also wordpress as a different platform also. And I also discussed their pros and coins.

Now in this article we are going to learn how to create a website using blogspot or blogger as a platform.

There's millions of reasons why you should choose blogger as a platform for your website / blog. I will like to discuss it's features and why you should choose it as a platform once more Again before I proceed.

  • IT IS FREE OF CHARGE: when it comes to creating a professional websites or blog without having to invest, blogspot platform is the best. Unlike the free platform for wordpress, you have access to make money with your blog, design it to your taste with their inbuld tool. You can use tons of already made templates of your choice, free enough space for files etc.

  • NO TRAFFIC LIMIT: with blogspot platform, you need not to be afraid of your website been down. The amount of your traffic doesn't matter as google will take care of everything for you. In the other platform like wordpress, if you don't purchase enough bandwidth your website will be down when your traffic increases. Though that doesn't make wordpress bad.

  • GOOD SEO WITHOUT STRESS: yes google gives you good seo without you having to stress yourself. I took observation few months ago and I realized that google index blogspot post faster than wordpress post. That's personal observation.

  • VERY EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: blogspot is one of the most easiest to customize. You can do magic with blogspot if you understand Javascript, html and css the easiest programming languages. Below are some free tools to help you understand Javascript, html and css better. css programming language app this is an offline app for Android users. With this app you learn all you need to know about css and become a professional. The second one is html tutorial which is another offline android app from the Google Play Store. It's free of charge. It teaches you html, with it you can become advance with html. You can head to to learn any programming language of your choice. Or you can download the offline app for Android phones here on Android store to learn offline without having to connect to the internet.

In fact Blogger have lots of advantages why you should choose it as a platform. I listed every bits of blogger feartures in this article. You can check out to have more view.

How to create websites / blog with blogger platform.

Like I said earlier, creating a website with blogger platform is very very easy. You don't need to stress or go about lots of process. It is simple and easy as A B C. Even if you don't know any programming language, you can still work with blogger because of it simplicity.

Now let's go into steps how to begin one after the other.

Before starting a website or blog, the first thing to do is to plan your blog Or website. Think of what you want to Do with the website / blog and then decide and give it a name.

After the above step and decision on what you want to write about and name you want to give your website. The next thing is to chose your Niche. After you could have done the above, kindly go to At the top left corner of the site, click on login aND you will be prompt to login with your google email (gmail). If you don't have gmail account already then create one But if you have, just login.

At this point look at the top left corner like above image. Click on create new blog and you will see a pop up that looks like bellow image.

Enter your blog or website title in the first box and then the address in the second. The title here means what people see when they arrive your blog and the address simply means the name people will type in their browser to visit your blog / website. e.g my blog address here is ( Then choose any template of your choice and then click on create blog! , now your are almost done.

Note: You can still change your blog template later and that's why I said you should just choose any template of your choice.

How to create websites / blog with blogger platform and design it

The next thing you should do is to Design the blog to your choice incase you don't like the pre-design templates. I have posted tons of premium blogger template for free download here . So you should check out and download any of your choice and then upload it by going to Themes in the left side of the dashboard then then click on upload at the top right corner of the dashboard and upload it. Then start writing articles or post that you want to share online and that's all. Now your blog is ready.

Bellow is a video I got from Harsh Agrawal From , so you can watch it On YouTube to better understand how To create free blog with blogspot.

click below link to watch video

Like I said, I ain't the author of the above video but because it explain almost all most everything I wrote here, I decide to share with you. Have fun!!

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BeautyPress responsive and Stylish Blogger Template

BeautyPress is a responsive and Stylish Blogger Template which can be use for Multi-Purpose blogs.

It is best suits for Newspaper blogs, Magazine Blogs and most of the blogs niche like makeup, Fashion, Sports News, Video, Healthy, Travel, etc.

Beautypress responsive and stylish blogger template is SEO optimized. And just like the name, it is stylish with beautiful modern look.

And before I forget it is not only receiving a beautiful, modern website look but also you’ll have access to lifetime updates at no extra cost.

More Details about Beautypress responsive and stylish blogger template


Live Demo:

Download Link:

Beautypress responsive and stylish blogger template is one of the best templates out there and it will be awesome kindly download it now.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Download lionex responsive Blogger Template

Lionex is one of the best Responsive blogger template out there. Yes when I say responsive, I mean it. It is responsive blogger template and seo friendly. Well stylish with modern look and 2 Columns view. It can be serve as Multipurpose responsive Blogger Template as it can be good in any niche.

It has the Right Sidebar and 3 Columns in the Footer.

Lionex responsive Blogger Template has a Slider, Header Dropdown Menu. It also have Related Posts at post end, Breadcrumb, Social Share Buttons. It with Google Fonts and Tabbed Widget and More Features.

More Details About Lionex Responsive Blogger Template



Download link:

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Premium SociallyViral for Free Download WordPress Theme

Download premium SociallyViral wordpress theme for free. Premium SociallyViral theme is one of my favorite choose back then till I come across premium Newspaper version 8.5 which I shared free of charge. I currently use it in one of my wordpress blog. Some of my client prefered it too. Premium sociallyViral wordpress theme is one of the most popular, seo friendly and fastest theme of WordPress in 2017.

Premium SociallyViral wordpress theme is developed and designed by
MyThemeShop. It is mobile friendly and with professional modern interface. Very easy to customize via wordpress dashboard with out stress.

This theme cause $69 when you buy it from the creator. But here I am giving it out for free..
NOTE: you should purchase theme from original author if you have the money. I shared it for free to help people who don't have money to purchase and for testing and personal use purpose.


  • Optimized for social shares.

  • Show trending post.

  • Full social integration.

  • Adsense optimized.

  • Comes with 4 different loading effects.

  • Subscription box.

  • Responsive and Fast loading.

  • Light easy and Featured Post.

  • Scheme integrated and well SEO Optimized.

  • Mega Menu Dropdown ,Video Post Support Back to Top and Parallax Scrolling.

  • Speed optimized , Optional Panel and Clean Code.

  • Translation ready ,Shortcodes 630+ Google Fonts , Font awesome.

  • Built in ratings, Widget ratings , Unlimited colors, Unlimited Sidebars , mport/export settings.

  • One click updates, RTL Support , Advanced typography options, Unlimited background options.

  • Ajax loading , 2 Homepage layouts , Floating social icons, Lazy load images.

  • You can Set different menus for diferent pages , Show header ads and WooCommerce support etc.


CREATOR : MythemeShop

DEMO : Click to view Demo

Download links

Shopy premium wordpress theme for free download

Shopy premium wordpress Theme Free Download is one of my favorite wordpress themes out there. Just like the, it's very good to use for shop website hosted on wordpress platform. It is one of the best theme out there for me so far aside Smartzine premium, and my very best one Newspaper version 8.5 premium wordpress theme which I shared sometimes ago. Shopy premium wordpress theme is awesome and can immediately give your online store a modern and professional look and features. With the theme options control panel in your wordpress dashboard, you can modify the website to your taste. It has lots of color options which you can play with in other to give it your color of choice.

It have slider right in the homepage where you can display your best items. Which can lead to lots of sell to favourite items.

This theme is on sell for about $50-60 , but here I provide it for you free of charge. Kindly download bellow to enjoy the modern look for your online store website.

Features of Shopy premium wordpress theme free download

  1. It have Featured Content Slider

  2. It have lots of Customization Options and Settings via the admins which makes things very simple for you to customize.

  3. With so many Custom Widgets.

  4. It is Flexible and very Easy to Customise

  5. It has modern Responsive Design with Advertising sections Ready

  6. It has Powerful Slider and Social Sharing with Translation from one language to another Ready

  7. It has Grid Layout, Custom Menu , Blog Layout Custom Fonts , Custom Logo Custom Colors

  8. The most of it all is that it's Seo optimized and well Fast loading and much more.

Before you proceed, you can check out premium yoast seo wordpress plugin which I shared free of charge sometimes ago.


creator: Theme junkie
Shopy premium wordpress theme Demo

Below is the link to download right from Google Drive
Download Shopy premium wordpress theme free

we only provide premium themes and template for those who can afford to purchase them. If you have money, we encourage you To purchase from original author.